Just-Loops-Tailless-tail-less-no tails-rhinestone-ombre-effect-rhinestone-red-white-black-cheer-bow-cheer-camp-sideline


Just-Loops-Tailless-tail-less-no tails-rhinestone-ombre-effect-rhinestone-red-white-black-cheer-bow-cheer-camp-sideline Just-Loops-Tailless-tail-less-no tails-rhinestone-ombre-effect-rhinestone-neon-green-white-black-cheer-bow-cheer-camp-sideline

Just Loops - Rhinestone Ombre Shimmer Tailless Cheer Bow

The Ultimate Bow

$ 15.99 

Combine that with our Ombre Ribbon and you have the look that everyone will be talking about!

 Order your Just Loops - Rhinestone Ombre Shimmer today and be ready to rock the floor. Our Just Loops Ombre Shimmer Tailless Cheer Bow is fully sublimated.  Please let us know what colors you would like your bow to be.

Just Loops Cheer Bow | Tailless Cheer Bow | Sublimated Cheer Bow

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